You have been successfully entered into our onboarding system. Next a Team Leader will be reaching out to you via phone to go over your application. During this call you will be asked some questions and get all of your questions answered. Here are some important things to remember:

  1. Due to a high volume of applications the Team Leader will only call your phone number once. If you do not answer or it goes to voice mail, the Team Leader will move on to the next qualified candidate.

  2. We are looking for action-takers. If you are not prepared to join our Mentorship Program before the call ends, we will move on to the next qualified candidate. To enter the Mentorship Program you must be registered as an Epic Scholar in our downline. The cost to get started as a Scholar is $134.95.

  3. If the Team leader approves your application, he will send you a direct sign up link to be completed while on the call. Once you have been accepted into our Mentorship Program you will receive a welcome email with next step instructions and be connected to our Private Facebook Messenger Chat.


Good Luck on Your Call!